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THOUSANDS of Corporate Black Belts have been TRAINED and CERTIFIED with this Six Sigma PowerPoint Material.

More than ten full weeks of Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint Training material. 

  • 4 weeks of LSS Black Belt DMAIC material, 
  • 1 week of DFSS (DMADV/IDOV) material, 
  • 1 week Black Belt Refresher course, 
  • 4 week LSS Green Belt DMAIC material, 
  • 2 week Lean course,
  • Plus hundreds of Excel templates and much, much, more in TOOLBOX DOWNLOAD.

This material is all in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files and has been used in Fortune 500 companies to successfully deploy Six Sigma for BILLIONS of dollars worth of savings. Literally thousands of Black Belts and Green Belts have been certified with variations of this material. 

A complete list of the curriculum modules is below...

This material alone is a literal library full of Six Sigma training, data and know-how. This is a very complete and detailed volume of information. This training obtained commercially would cost hundreds to obtain and thousands to deliver. Ideal for individual and classroom use.


LSS Black Belt Module 

six sigma dmaic model

Lean Six Sigma PowerPoint Training Modules

Introduction To Six Sigma For Executives and Champions

Week 1

Introduction And Agenda

Waste Elimination Overview

Variation Reduction Overview

Growth Overview

12 Step Process & Road Map

Introduction to Define

Defining Customer Values

Project Reviews

Introduction to Measure

Process Mapping

Value Stream Mapping

Tools To Make Waste Visible

Cause and Effect Tools



Descriptive Stats

Data Mining

Measurement Systems Analysis

Deliverables Review


Week 2

Introduction to Analyze

Process Capability

Non-Normal Data Process Capability

Central Limit Theorum

Confidence Intervals

Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing for Means

Hypothesis Testing for Variance

Hypothesis Testing of Proportions

Hypothesis Testing ChiSquare

Analysis of Variance

Common Assumptions

Hypothesis Testing

Variation Components and MultiVari

Correlation and Simple Regression

Review of Analyze

Multiple Regresion

Measure Review

design for six sigma training


Week 3

Review of Analyze

Introduction to Improve

Introduction to DOE

Full Factorial Experiments

Fractional Factorial Experiments

Discriminant Analysis

Survey Design and Analsyis

Time Series

Implementation of Improvements

Review of Improve Phase

Week 4

Review of Improve

Binary Logistic Regression

Introduction to Control

Sustaining the Gains

Control Plans

Standardized Work and 5S

Mistake Proofing

SPC -Variable Data

SPC -Attribute Data

Review of Control

Project Deliverables

Course Wrap Up

DFSS Modules

Design For Six Sigma PowerPoint Training Modules


Fundamentals of DFSS

Listening to the VOC

Kano Model


Tech Road Map


Eval Synthes Design

Probabilistic Design

Design Scorecard

Introduction to Simulation

Monte Carlo Analysis

Pilot and Implementation

Change Management

Design Project Management


LSS Black Belt Refresher Training

Black Belt Six Sigma PowerPoint Training Modules

The Breakthrough Strategy 

Problem Solving Approach

Roadmaps & Tool Linkage

Measurement Systems Analysis

Statistical Process Control

Process Capability Study

The Hidden Factory

Six Sigma Metrics

Six Sigma Tools Usage

Data Collection Plans

Descriptive Statistics

Graphical Analysis

Hypothesis Testing

Experimentation Strategy


Control Methods

LSS Green Belt Modules

Green Belt Six Sigma PowerPoint Training Modules

Week 1



Change Leadership

Team Leadership

Feedback and Coaching

Active Listening

Communication Styles

Conflict Management

Meeting Management

Project Management

Introduction to Define

Project Charters

Voice of the Customer

Stakeholder Analysis

Value Stream Mapping

Week 2

Review of Define

Introduction to Measure

Understanding Waste

Developing Hypotheses

Identifying Quick Hits

Identifying Variables

Reviewing Existing Data

Exercising Influence

Planning Data Collection

Data Display

Understanding Variation

Process Capability

Measurement Systems Analysis

Estimating the Opportunity

Week 3

Effective Presentations

Introduction to Analyze

Kepner Tregnoe Analysis

Data Stratification

Graphical Analysis

Estimating Population Parameters

Hypothesis Testing

Line Balance Analysis

Effective Leadership


Linear Regression


Introduction to DOE


Week 4

Introduction to Improve


To-Be Process Design

Optimizing the Flow

Pull Systems and Kanbans


Quick Changeover (SMED)




Implementation Planning

Pilot the Improvement

ABC Analysis

Introduction to Control

Establishing Metrics

Sustaining the Gains

LSS Yellow Belt Training

Yellow Belt Six Sigma PowerPoint Training Module

More than 50 slides for a 3 day hands-on Yellow Belt Training

Six Sigma Training Support Files

Six Sigma MS Word Training Module Support Files

Design for Six Sigma


Six Sigma Statistics

Process Metrics

Diagnostic Tools

Statistical Hypotheses

Continuous Decision Tools

Discrete Decision Tools

Continuous SPC Tools

Static Control Tools

Nature of Variables

Opportunities for Defect

CT Tree

Process Mapping

Process Baselines

Six Sigma Projects

Six Sigma Deployment


Robust Design Tools

DFSS Principles

Scales of Measure

Data Collection

Measurement Error

Statistical Distributions

Static Statistics

Dynamic Statistics

Customer Focus

Business Metrics

Six Sigma Fundamentals

Customer Focus

Business Metrics

Six Sigma Fundamentals

Nature of Variables

Opportunities for Defect

CT Tree

Process Mapping

Process Baselines

Six Sigma Projects

Six Sigma Deployment

Scales of Measure

Data Collection

Measurement Error

Statistical Distributions

Static Statistics

Dynamic Statistics

Six Sigma Statistics

Process Metrics

Diagnostic Tools

Statistical Hypotheses

Continuous Decision Tools

Discrete Decision Tools

DFSS Principles


Robust Design Tools

Continuous SPC Tools

Static Control Tools

Alpha Risk

Alternative Hypothesis


ANOVA 2-Way Random


Basic Probability

Benchmark Chart

Benchmark Sigma

Beta Risk

Box Plot

Breakthrough Strategy

Business Process Report

ChiSq Goodness Of Fit

ChiSq Homogeneity

ChiSq Yates

Conditional Probability

Conf Int for Mean

Conf Int for Proportion

Conf Int for StdDev

Continuous Distribution


Control Chart - MR

Control Chart - np

Control Chart - p

Control Chart - R

Control Chart - S

Control Chart - u

Control Chart - XBar

Control Limits

Conversion Matrix - Continuous

Conversion Matrix - Discrete

Correlation Coefficient

Crosstab and Contingency Table

CT Definition

CT Matrix

CTX Tree

CTY Tree

CTY Tree Definitions

Data Collection Sheet

Data Transformations


Defects per Opportunity

Defects per Unit

Degrees of Freedom

Discrete Distribution

Distribution - Binomial

Distribution - ChiSquare

Distribution - F

Distribution - Lognormal

Distribution - Normal

Distribution - Poisson

Distribution - Prob Plot

Distribution - t

Distribution - Weibull


Factor and Levels

Factorial Exp - Blocking

Factorial Exp - Center Point

Factorial Exp - Confounding

Factorial Exp - Fractional

Factorial Exp - Full

Factorial Exp - Interaction

Factorial Exp - Randomizing

Factorial Exp - Replicating

Factorial Exp - Runs

Factorial Exp - Resolution

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Fishbone Diagram

Fitted Line Plot

Foldover Design

F-Test - 2 Variances

Gage RR - Attribute

Gage RR - Variable

Heterogeneity of Variance

Hidden Factory


Homogeneity of Variance

Homogeneity of Var Tests

Improvement Curve

Indep of Mean and Variance

Inner Array

Interaction Plot

Is-IsNot Technique

Linear Regression

Main Effects Plot

Meas Scale - Continuous

Meas Scale - Discrete

Meas Scale - Interval


Measurement Scale - Likert

Measurement Scale - log

Measurement Linearity

Measurement Reliability

Measurement Repeatability

Measurement Reproducibility

Measurement Scale

Measurement Stability

Meas Scale - Nominal

Meas Scale - Ordinal

Meas Scale - Ratio

Measures of Location

Measures of Variation

Metrics Flowdown

Metrics Rollup

Mistake Proofing Principle

Mistake Proofing Planning Sheet

Nonparametric Tests

Notation - 2 Level Factorial

Null Hypothesis

Out of Control

Pre-Control Chart

Probability of Defect

Process Capability Indices

Process Category Report

Process Flow Diagram

Process Mapping Format

Process Mapping

Project Planning Criteria

Project Review Criteria

Project Scope Review

Random Sampling

Rational Subgrouping

Residuals Plots

Sample and Population

Sample Size - 1 Sample t-Test

Sample Size - 2 Sample t-Test

Sample Size - Mean

Sample Size - Proportion

Sample Size - StdDev

Scatter Plot

Sets and Events

Sets and Theorems

Sequential Sampling

Shift - Static and Dynamic

Shift and Drift

Standard Normal Deviate

StdDev - Conventional

StdDev - Long Term

StdDev - Short Term

Stratified Sampling

Test Sensitivity

Yield - Rolled Throughput

Yield - Throughput

Z Value - Long Term

Z Value - Short Term

Z-Test - 1 Sample

Lean Modules

Lean PDF Training Modules


A3 Thinking

Continuous Improvement

History of Improvement

Improving The Enterprise

Kaizen Part 1

Kaizen Part 2

Kaizen Part 3

Kaizen Part 4

Kaizen Part 5

Kaizen Part 6


Lean Engineering

Lean Healthcare

Lean Supply Chain

Lean Thinking Part 1

Lean Thinking Part 2


Measurement System Analysis

People, The Heart of Lean


Problem Solving Tools

Process Capability 

Quality Tools

Six Sigma Basics





Value Stream Mapping

Visual Workplace



Quality Improvement Training

PowerPoint Training Modules

8D Problem Solving

Acceptance Sampling Basics

Activity Network Diagram

Basic Quality Tools

Business Gap Analysis

Cause and Effect Diagram

Check Sheet Application

Complaint Recovery Process

Concurrent Engineering

Consumer Producer_Risk

Control Chart Basics

DCMA Corrective Action

Design Control Systems

Error Proofing

Fault Tree Analysis Basics

Fishbone Diagram Basics

Five S Basics

Flow Chart Basics

FOD Program

Histogram Basics

Implementing a QMS

Inspection Basics

Introduction to Six Sigma

JIT Manufacturing Basics

Life Cycle Testing


OC Curve Basics


Process Capability

Quality Management System Training

Quality Tools

Root Cause Analysis

Six Sigma Presentation

Quality Management System

MS Word QA Manual, Procedures, WI's and Forms

Over 100 files in all....


Quality Manaual

Calibration Procedure

Configuration Management Procedure

Control of Nonconforming Product Procedure

Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure

Definitions and Abbreviations Procedure

Design and Development Procedure

Document Control Procedure

Internal Audit Procedure

Management Process Procedure

Manufacturing Process Procedure

Proposal Development & Contract Review Procedure

Purchasing Procedure

Purchase Order Review Procedure

Receiving Procedure

Record Control Procedure

Responsibilities and Authority Procedure

Shipping Procedure

Training Program Procedure

Plus 90 Work Instructions and Forms

Basic Improvement Training

PDF Training Modules

Basic Process Improvement

Operational Definitions

Brain Storming Basics

Decision Making Tools

Affinity Diagram Basics

Cause Effect Diag Basics

Flow Chart Basics

Data Collection Basics

Pareto Chart Basics

Run Chart

Control Chart Basics

Histgram Basics

Best Practice Handbooks

Best practice Pdf Handbooks and Guidebooks

Benchmarking Handbook

Change_Management Handbook

DOE Handbook

Engineering Drawing Standard

ISO 9001 Handbook

Lean Manufactuting Guidebook

Precision Measuring Tools Handbook

SPC Handbook

Solder Training Handbook

Strategic Management Handbook

Voice of the Customer Handbook

Workmanship Standards Handbook


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