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Blocking and Confounding

Center Point

Designed Experiment (DOE)

Factorial Experiments

Inner Array

Interaction Plot

Main Effects Plot

Randomizing and Replication

Runs and Resolution


Distribution - Binomial

Distribution - ChiSquare

Distribution - F

Distribution - Lognormal

Distribution - Normal

Distribution - Poisson

Distribution - Prob Plot

Distribution - t

Distribution - Weibull


Eliminating Waste

Lean Enterprise

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing History

Lean Manufacturing Principles

Quality Assurance

Cost of Quality

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality Assurance Process

What is Quality Assurance

Quality Control

Acceptance Sampling

Quality Audits

Quality Control

Quality Control Planning

Statistical Quality Control

Total Quality Control

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Process

1) Establishing Improvement Objectives

2) Organizing the Right Team

3) Flow chart the process

4) Simplify the Process

5) Create a Data Collection Plan

6) Is the Process Stable

7) Basic Process Capability

8) Identifying Root Causes

9) Planning a Process Change

10) Review the Data Collection Plan

11) Test/Pilot, Collect Data

12) Re-check Process Stability

13) Did the Process Improve

14) Standardize the Process

Quality Management

Easy QA Plans

Deming and Company

History of Quality

Process Management

Quality Management System


Total Quality Management

Training Solutions


Affinity Diagram

Alpha and Beta Risk

Alternate Hypothesis


ANOVA 2-Way Random


Basic Probability

Box Plot


ChiSq Goodness Of Fit

Confidence Interval

Correlation Coefficient

Contingency Table

Continuous Data Tools

CTx Tree

CTY Tree

Data Collection

Data Transformation

Decision Making Tools


Discrete Data Tools


Degrees of Freedom

Failure Mode Effects Analysis


Fishbone Diagram

Fitted Line Plot

F-Test - 2 Variances

Gage R and R

Hidden Factory


Homogeneity of Variance

Kano Model

Line Plot

Linear Regression

Mean, Median and Mode

Measurement Scale


Measures of Location

Measures of Variation

Mistake Proofing

Nonparametric Tests

Null Hypothesis

Operational Definitions

Probability of a Defect

Process Capability Indices

Process Flow Diagram

Process Mapping

Rational Subgrouping

Residuals Plots

Rolled Throughput Yield

Sampling and Sample Size

Scatter Plot

Shift and Drift

Standard Normal Z Score

Standard Deviation

Test Sensitivity


Six Sigma

Design for Six Sigma

Design for Six Sigma Process

DFSS Tools

Free Six Sigma Training

History of Six Sigma

Six Sigma Belts

Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma Courses

Six Sigma Methodology

Six Sigma Metrics

Six Sigma PowerPoint Slides

Six Sigma Process

Six Sigma Tools

What is Six Sigma


Statistical Process Control

Control Charts

Control Chart Selection

Control Limits

Control Chart - MR

Control Chart - np

Control Chart - p

Control Chart - R

Control Chart - S

Control Chart - u

Control Chart - XBar


Individuals Chart

Pre-Control Chart

Rational Subgrouping

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