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A Scatter Plot is used to graphically demonstrate the nature of any possible relationship between two sets of variables by plotting one against the other on a simple x-y plot

Scatter Plot

Scatter Plot - Is There Correlation

Scatter Plot - Used To Determine The Strength Of A Relationship

Reference: Juran Quality Control Handbook


A. X variable.

B. Y variable.

C. Data points, plotted with no interconnection between points.

Major Considerations

These plots are a good first step in determining the presence of any type of relationship between any two variables, which may or may not be dependent. Data must be presented in the order it was collected.
Scatter plots can best be generated in either MS Excel or in Minitab

Application Cookbook

1. Gather data in tabular form.

2. Select which variable to use as the X axis variable.

3. Plot data using Minitab's Graph>Plot function or using MS Excel.

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