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Hi, my name Jim Texiera and I'm a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Massachusetts U.S.A. I'm the publisher and webmaster of this site. 

Jim TexieraJim Texiera

My gratitude and thanks goes to those below who have created some of the adapted material and provided me with the knowledge to create this site. Without their contributions this site would not be possible. Reference to their contribution is cited here and on applicable pages.

Free-six-sigma.com contains the largest know collection of quality improvement tools and training on the web. All of it created or accumulated from years of working in the quality sciences, starting as an inspector, then an engineer, and now in management. I loved working in QA when I started, and I still love it today...

Thanks for visiting and check back soon for additional content and tools.

Best regards,



Jim Texiera


Stoughton, Massachusetts USA 02072

Email: jim@free-six-sigma.com


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